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Vanilla Gorilla Nation is the brain child of bodybuilder IFBB Pro Jeff Christian and his wife IFBB Pro Sandra Christian. In 2015, the planning and brainstorming for the success of this unique company with the powerful message of “Destroying Limits Daily” began. This power couple realized there was a gap in the industry when it came to coaching for the EVERYDAY person. With coaches only wanting to train top people in the sport and charging huge amounts of money this couple decided to concentrate on everyone…make top quality coaching available to anyone! Whether you just want the look or you want to compete Vanilla Gorilla Nation can help!

VGN launched it’s clothing line also in 2016 and has been an overwhelming success in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for its unique clothes and quality craftsmanship. Whether you are building muscle mass or aiming for weight loss or diet, stand out in your gym with our fitness apparel.

Jeff Christian

Jeff Christian

Founder and Owner of Vanilla Gorilla Nation

Jeff has a unique life story. Born with multiple birth defects, he endured corrective surgeries and ridicule from kids growing up. This fueled him to be an overcomer of limitations which has become his life mantra. Obsessed with bodybuilding before he could even write, he would have his aunt Linda send off for muscle building courses out of his comic books by Charles Atlas and Universal. By having parents that didn’t like his obsession with bodybuilding, he had to sneak off to an apartment complex and sneak in the pool area to use a sparse weight room. He did this for years before finally joining a gym at the age of 16.

As time went by, he was able to pursue his dream of being a professional bodybuilder, but retired from competing weeks before the nationals in his 20’s to care for his first daughter who had become ill at a waterpark in Atlanta. As life would have it, he did not walk back into a gym until the age of 40 after his 3rd child passed away from a rare genetic disorder. He lost his profession, marriage and went bankrupt. Jeff buried himself in the gym as he says, “for my own sanity and mental health or I thought I would do something stupid and I still had 2 kids to live for!”

Grinding in the gym for a couple years he decided to compete and sitting at the weight of 305lbs started prep for the USA only to be involved in a single car accident from an airbag that exploded in the side of the vehicle as he was traveling from TN to GA. Within a few days, he was in the doctor’s office when he noticed a strange weakness in his left side. Within Weeks, he lost all feeling and use of his left arm, and before the month was up his leg and entire left side was dragging and partially paralyzed. Over the next few months things got to the point his limbs atrophied and he lost use as the arm retracted to the left side and his hand turned under a claw. Unable to train or walk without dragging his leg, he went to neurologists and was told the news he would never walk right again much less workout.

Being an over comer and one who doesn’t accept limitations, Jeff did his own stretching and physical therapy every day and after 18 months and losing weight all the way to 197lbs, he finally got feeling in his left hand! As he says it, “I immediately went back to the gym the moment I felt anything in my fingers!” There at the gym, he met his soul mate Sandra and as they say the rest is history. Of course getting back and defying doctors hasn’t been easy and he still experiences left side issues which doesn’t let that hold him back.

This power couple, Jeff and Sandra, love to help people and spread the message that you can “DESTROY YOUR LIMITS DAILY!”

Jeff spent 20 years in working with youth and families. Speaking in churches, conferences and corporate events. If you would like to book an event with Jeff and Sandra, please contact them at their email vgnationcheckin@yahoo.com.

Sandra Christian

Sandra Christian

Co-Owner of Vanilla Gorilla Nation

I am a mother of 4 girls who loves fitness! I am also a national level figure competitor. I have not always been fit though. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was a heavy and reserved girl. I’ve had my rounds with diets and not being active. Four words sum it up: short term weight loss. It finally clicked, after having my 4th daughter, to change and do things the right way. I had to include exercise into my daily routine and learn to train the correct way. My life changed after I got that down and I haven’t regretted it since. After my weight loss transformation, I was featured as a success story in the Oxygen Fitness magazine and was sponsored by a supplement company.

Years later, I decided to give back and became a NASM certified personal trainer. I’ve helped many people along the way to achieve their goals and gain back their self esteem. I’ve been very involved in fitness and becoming more knowledgeable regarding nutrition and its role in our daily lives to help others understand as well which I actively share on social media. This is what I love and now working on a fitness clothing line is another dream come true! This dream coming to fruition, with my man Jeff, has been truly a blessing from above. We’ve been deemed a power couple who love to inspire and help others stay motivated in their fitness journeys. We are doing what we love! Come join our nation!